Compensation & benefits

Defining the right remuneration policy is always a challenge in organisations. Is the economic success and attractiveness balanced? They are inseparable, dependent on each other, but often seem to oppose one another. We help organisations take the right decisions.

Our topics in compensation & benefits

  • Compensation policy: They are just numbers, but companies struggle to determine the correct salary components for their employees.
  • Performance-related remuneration: Does the result of the annual performance evaluation lead to a guaranteed payment?
  • Salary scale: The value of salary scales, adjusted for employment, with grades and steps
  • Salary Review: How to provide transparent annual salary revisions?
  • Payroll: A correct pay is the first obligation for every HR professional to create a climate of trust with the employee – yet this is not always easy.
  • Salary increase: General or individual – a subtle but important difference!
  • Bonus schemes: Successful and motivating bonus programs with SMART objectives.
  • Additional benefits: The optimal use of financial and non-financial benefits.
  • Promotion: Some rules for performance driven promotions.
  • Taxation: Freedom of choice between taxable and non-taxable payments?
  • Social security: How to protect staff when public schemes fail?
  • Time management: Presence and absence, annual leave plans and overtime.