Personnel development

In addition to recruiting new skilled employees, their retention in the organisation and the use of their full potential are some of the most important human resources issues. Qualified employees and specialists are the most important asset of every organisation, so keep and promote them significantly.

Inspire, retain, promote: the challenges of personnel development

  • Onboarding: How to get new employees effectively started on their new job?
  • Training plans: Customised or from the training catalogue?
  • Vocational training in your organisation: With the right concept for success!
  • Further education: Via in-house academy / training centre or externally?
  • Training institutions: How to use external training the right way?
  • Soft skills: How to make your employees successful.
  • Gender: Increase the organisation’s success through diversity.
  • Talent management: Everything about performance and potential assessments, personnel development measures and their follow-up.
  • Annual interview: Why is communication between managers and employees often so difficult?
  • High potentials: How to handle your “stars” appropriately?
  • Coaching: Individual and group coaching, key to successful human resources development.
  • Mentoring: How to find a successful “pair”?
  • 360° feedback: An asset for optimal leadership development.
  • Exit Interview: Why is an exit interview part of a successful personnel development?