HR tools

A number of HR tools are available to provide organisations with useful, field-proven assistance in defining, implementing and continuously developing HR strategies. These can be individually defined, implemented and accompanied stand-alone or in a package.

We offer the following HR instruments (selection)

  • Development and introduction of a performance appraisal system
  • Set up of an applicant management system
  • Introduction of an HR information system or individual modules thereof
  • Process support during the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements
  • Establishment of social plans
  • Analysis of outsourcing versus insourcing potentials
  • Evaluation of employee competences
  • Set up of an HR controlling function (use of HR KPIs)
  • Design of an HR manual
  • Development of integrated training concepts (needs analysis, training plans, train-the-trainer assignments, etc.)

Introduction of digital personnel files

Prior to the establishment of digital personnel files all legal obligations need to be fulfilled when maintaining the paper format of the personnel file!

  • Implementation of a systematic personnel filing structure for both physical and digital files
  • Which legal retention periods are to be observed for which documents?
  • Introduction of a personnel data sheet during the hiring process for data verification
  • Introduction of a template for standardised modern CVs, in particular with regards to in-house personnel development data
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a centralised versus decentralised personnel filing system
  • Rules for HR data maintenance and access rights to digital personnel files

Introduction of digital personnel files