Conferences, workshops and meetings are necessary and an indispensable part of modern working life. However, they are not always successful. Our modern moderation techniques help you to be more structured, better understood and more effective.

Successful events with hr international consulting gmbh

International orientation

Transnational events on complex change processes with participants from different cultural backgrounds and inconsistent language skills can easily lead to misunderstandings, frustration and rejection.

Over the course of our many years of service in the most diverse countries of the world, we have developed successful moderation techniques that are characterised by consistent international orientation, respectful interaction and an easy-to-understand presentation.

Modern moderation techniques

International meetings and workshops are a difficult field. An ideal, universally valid meeting structure does not exist and different mentalities, sensitivities and competencies are often difficult to reconcile.

Our modern moderation techniques help you to create structures while leaving enough room for new ideas and creativity for each participant. So everyone feels taken seriously and motivated to contribute constructively to the process.